Creating a Device driver based package in Installshield

It is very easy and simle to create a device driver based application from Installshield.
I am using Installshield 2012.

You need to make sure that the driver is a signed driver. If the driver is not signed, then you need to sign the driver first. It is good to have your driver signed, but you can install and unsigned driver as well. Check an option later.

Go to Installshield Wizard in Installation Designer and click on Project button on top an then Device Driver wizard.

Click Next ->

Select the path to your .inf file on your machine. Choose the system architecture. I am choosing x64 as I am packaging for 64 bit machines.

Click Next-> Next->

Select the options as per your requirement. I have chosen the above ones.

Click Next->

Click Next->

You will get the summary and then click on Finish.

It will add the settings in your component of INF file.

Hope this helps you create device driver easily with Installshield.

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