Easy way of Copying Condition in Custom Action

I have learnt an easy way of copying condition directly in one Custom Action from other. This is totally on my experience, and I have not found any material for it on net too. So here it goes...

Suppose you are making a CustomAction2 and have added it in the sequence as shown :
And now you have to mention the condition same as that of CustomAction1, which in this case is "NOT Installed AND NOT PATCH", you have to click on CustomAction1 in the sequence and it will be like this:

You can see the Condition in the greyed area. You cannot copy it directly, but what you have to do is: go to any of the other tab from this situation, be it Properties or Details tab.

All you have to do next is to come back to your Location tab. And here you see the result.The Condition is automatically copied to the CustomAction2.

Go ahead and try this out. It is really fun and easy. It will save you some time too.

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